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Statutory requirements

Working Together (HM Government 2015) requires all schools to follow the procedures for protecting children from abuse which are established by the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board.


Keeping Children Safe in Education places the following responsibilities on all schools:

  • Schools should be aware of and follow the procedures established by the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board.
  • Staff should be alert to signs of abuse and know to whom they should report any concerns or suspicions.
  • Schools should have procedures (of which all staff are aware) for handling suspected cases of abuse of pupils, including procedures to be followed if a member of staff is accused of abuse, or suspected of abuse.
  • A Designated Senior Person should have responsibility for co-coordinating action within the school and liaising with other agencies.
  • Staff with designated responsibility for child protection should receive appropriate training.

Barton Seagrave Primary School will:

  • Establish and maintain an environment where children feel secure, are encouraged to talk, and are listened to when they have a worry or concern;
  • Establish and maintain an environment where school staff and volunteers feel safe, are encouraged to talk and are listened to when they have concerns about the safety and wellbeing of a child;
  • Ensure children know that there are adults in the school whom they can approach if they are worried;
  • Record incidents of abuse, in line with statutory requirements, and refer cases to the Local Safeguarding Children Board;
  • Undertake appropriate discussion with parents prior to involvement of another agency, unless to do so would place the child at further risk of harm;
  • Ensure that children who have been abused will be supported in line with a child protection plan, where deemed necessary;
  • Include opportunities in the PSHE curriculum for children to develop the skills they need to recognise and stay safe from abuse.

What do we mean by abuse?

There are four main categories of abuse:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect


Prevent Strategy

What is Prevent?

Prevent is part of CONTEST, the Government’s strategy to address terrorism. The main aim of Prevent is to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Prevent focuses on all forms of terrorist threats. E.g. international terrorism, far right extremists (among others).

The Government’s Prevent strategy can be found at the following address:


Any concerns?

If you have any concerns about any member of our school community, or you have questions about the information on this page, please speak to Mr Krzanicki, Mrs Powell or Mrs Goodman (Designated Safeguarding Leads).

A full copy of our Safeguarding Policy can be found at the top of this page.

If you have a safeguarding concern for a child, you can contact the MASH hub on 0300 126 7000 or email

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